current favorite…cowls

I’ve decided to start the new year using this lovely blog and website that I created some time ago. For months and months I’ve put aside my projects and so before I bring new work and adventures of my own your way I’d like to share some other things in the mean time.

For those of you know know me you know that I have a zillion scarves in my closet. I truthfully would have another zillion if I lived in a permanent place. If you peruse my favorites on etsy you will find many many knit cowls. I love how each has its own pattern and is unique even though they are all similar in shape. Now that it’s really starting to feel like winter I thought I’d send you all warm thoughts with these beautiful knit scarves.


PS! OnlyMeesh happens to be a good friend of mine who partially inspired me to share my little obsession. She been making her wonderful scarves for some time and just began to sell them on etsy! (you may also click on any image to get to these shops to see more of their beautiful work)

by Woolbridge

by RememberADay

by StylishKnitting

by OnlyMeesh


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