holiday hang over

As much as I’m glad the holidays have come and gone I have actually really started to love Christmas. Yes, I said it. I try to keep it a secret but I listen to Christmas songs on my way to and from work so I won’t subject George to them and I actually really enjoyed buying and giving gifts. This is partially because I don’t ever go to department stores and because I have a short list of people to buy for.

This is the second year in a row I’ve done the majority of my shopping at The Holiday Heap in Baltimore and on etsy. I think this has really made my holiday shopping more enjoyable for me and I really recommend it. Not only are you supporting an individual small business but you’re giving something that I think has a lot more meaning. I try to do this all year for birthdays and whenever I give gifts in general. My grandmother is really great at buying gifts far in advance for birthdays and always, always remembers to send cards. As I get a little older I’m trying my hardest to follow in her foot steps. She’s always made me feel special in this way and I hope to someday be as good at that as her.

Here are a few of the treasures I found this year that would be great for any occasion!

pottery gnome garden stake by tashamckelvey

tea towel by OpenEyePress

Speck&Keepings lady doll

phampersand press


Obviously, I could not reveal my sources until after Christmas because these were some of the gifts I gave. Enjoy! -aw


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