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It’s not too late to start writing out your Valentine cards! Yes, I’m sure most of you hate this holiday and think it’s stupid and made up. While I don’t buy in to the hype or do anything special with my sweetie, we do have a little tradition of making Valentines for one another. I’ve always unofficially considered February 14th as the legitimate beginning to our relationship when we first started dating almost six years ago. Yup! We didn’t go on a fancy date and I didn’t get cheesy flowers or chocolates. George and I went to a party at our close friend Marianne’s apartment where we wore funny hats and drank wine out of coffee mugs. I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate in such a fun way. At some point in the evening George gave me a handmade Valentine made out of construction paper. I suppose because he included the words “Love, George” on it I really knew then that he cared about me. Yes, I realize this is really silly but we hadn’t talked about boyfriend/girlfriend things but we were obviously dating. His small gesture made me feel really special and happy and to me felt like we were both realizing we were in fact a couple.

Here are a few lovely Valentine’s if you change your mind about February 14th.


Rifle Paper Co.


Ashley Pahl


*all images are linked*


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