great gifts for food enthusiasts

I know, I know. No one wants to hear it but it’s true – Christmas is coming. I have come to love Christmas over the years. When I realized that I actually love how it makes me feel and love how my family all gets together, I realized I love Christmas. This is super cheesy and I’m a little shy to even be writing it but it’s the truth.

Over the next few weeks I hope to give you some insight in to why I began to love Christmas shopping. I try to start my shopping a few weeks in advance and to get to a craft fair and peruse through Etsy as much as possible. Once I began buying handmade gifts or making them myself I actually began to enjoy the process of gift giving. I’m lucky and my list of people to shop for is very short so this allows me to put a lot of thought in to what I choose. Here are some ideas that I love for food enthusiasts and those who love to cook at home.

**click on photos to get to link**

I’d love to hear what your favorite gift ideas are for the holidays! You can either leave a comment here or message me at


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