current favorite…apartment accessories

So, as I promised in my food enthusiast holiday post here is a little more insight to some Christmas gift ideas. I cut my shopping a little short this year. Mostly, I was lucky enough to find amazing gifts at the Holiday Heap in Baltimore and the ColdHearted show that I was in last weekend in Philadelphia. I have a short list of people to buy for as well.

As many of you (I hope) already know George and I will be moving to New York very soon…VERY SOON (starting to freak out a little!). I’m sure that we will be living in a closet in Brooklyn because we have a very tiny budget. I often like to joke that we’ll be living in a tent under the Brooklyn Bridge. Anyhow, I can still dream of a nice apartment to put nice things in for now. These would all make great gifts for just about anyone though! Especially those who like gray a little too much.

As always, each image links to it’s actual location.

I bought these as a gift for my mom a few years ago and they smell AMAZING! She’s obsessed with candles and these made me want to actually have them in my home.


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