a new start


For us 2013 is more than just a new year. We moved to Brooklyn on December 30th like a bunch of crazy people. If you haven’t done it recently, moving is still a stressful thing. The holidays really just passed us by this year. I love the feeling of Christmas and the consequential baking, giving, and time with family. This year was so rushed that I never baked a thing and barely got my gifts wrapped in time. George and I both received many nice gifts and enjoyed the tiny bit of time with our families but we were completely consumed with wrapping up everything in Baltimore.

So, we are now in Brooklyn in our tiny apartment and things are still kind of a wreck. This move was challenging in so many ways. We arrived at our apartment to find that many repairs needed to be done. The ones that the management company told us would be done before move in, were not. While we were more than frustrated they were very responsive and quick to get things done…and are still working on the small issues that seem to keep arising.

On the bright side: while this apartment is less than half of the size of our big Baltimore apartment and needs a lot of work, it is pretty cozy (or will be) and I know eventually it will feel more like home. We’re getting there. Starting a year completely new has been nothing short of exciting and while I this past week and a half haven’t been the easiest it’s exciting to make such a big change.

Looking back on my 2012 goals I accomplished almost NONE of them. That was a huge disappointment to me but also a very big opportunity at the same time. After working hard toward the Cold Hearted show in December and making this move I know I can do much more than I have been and I’m so excited to start a new list of goals and knock down some old ones.

Just a few on the list:

  • design new fabric prints
  • expand o.mandalade beyond handbags/accessories
  • maintain my etsy shop and keep it stocked
  • go on new adventures

It took me a few tries to write this post because it may be the most personal I’ve written but I wanted to answer a lot of people’s questions about our move and how things are going so far.

Happy 2013. I hope that everyone else feels like this will be a big year for them and is as hopeful and exciting as I am. I’d love to hear what others have planned for this year so please feel free to leave comments or email me here: omandalade [at] gmail dot com.

*the photo above is some of my most recent work, look for new things like this in my etsy shop!


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