current favorite…dog necessities

As much as we love and adore our Boz we really slack in getting him new things. This is mainly because he has quickly destroyed just about everything we’ve ever gotten him. He’s in need of some serious upgrades soon. Here are some things I’ve used and would like to get him.

When we first had Boz we had to crate him when we left the house and he chewed through so many blankets that I never bought him a real bed. Luckily, after spending a summer running around my mom’s house with her 3 dogs he no longer needed to stay in his crate if we at least closed the bathroom doors. I thought I’d get him this inexpensive option that is also eco friendly to start and as a test to see if he ruined it. The colors are great, I chose orange, which now looks very dirty and dingy after having it for a few years. I like this bed a lot and it’s easy to wash but I’d like for him to have something with more cushion. Plus, as per usual, he has chewed the corners and it looks terrible.

I love this dog bed (and of course the cute puppy doesn’t hurt). However, I think I may end up making this at some point with some dog bed inserts from Target.

Right now we have a collar similar to this one. I bought one of these from CoopersCollars two years ago for Boz and it’s still going strong. Made from completely recycled fabrics. I love the cotton feel and sturdiness but it too is beginning to look really dingy.

I LOVE these collars from LaserPets. After years of rubbing against each other Boz’s tags are almost unreadable. I love that these can be custom printed. The simple colors are fantastic.

Speaking of tags: I love how rustic this one looks and have had my eye on this for years actually. Maybe that will mean once it gets beat up it will look even better?

Who doesn’t want a sweatshirt for their dog?

*click all images to go to product page*

Here is Boz wearing his Coopers Collar when it was shiny and new (2 years ago!).


Happy Monday!


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