color inspiration: yellow and artist eric porter

© 2013 Eric Porter 

It’s seldom that I am able to have the opportunity to look through photography prints these days. Often, I see only a few selected works by one artist in a gallery or museum. This is something I really do miss from both my college days and living with my former roommate Dustin Ream while he was at Tyler for his MFA. Luckily, I was able to view a few dozen of photographer Eric Porter‘s prints few weeks ago. There are so many that I loved but when choosing a piece for color inspiration I couldn’t help but pick this beauty.

Luckily, spring is finally starting to appear so all of this sunshine is a perfect reminder of how much I love golden mustard yellows. I love the marks and touches of purple and grays here. The tire marks become light and feathery and make me believe I’m looking at a painting for just a moment. Often, I feel bombarded by the amount of imagery I see in a day or month but I really love that photos like this make me stop and look more and explore every detail.

You can find more photographs by Eric Porter here. A big thank you to Eric for letting me share this image!


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