my smoothie addiction

If you follow me on facebook, instagram, or twitter I’m sure you’ve been seeing all of my recent smoothie images. I’m a little bit addicted lately as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Not too long ago my husband and I were both unhappy with how we were feeling and wanted to cut out wheat from our breakfast options and add some super healthy things in too. I feel like all I was seeing on the internet were images of juice and smoothies. Finally, I tried one and realized what this is all about and why it’s so popular. They make you feel good! (duh) So we’ve replaced breakfast with smoothies.

We were spending a good chunk of change on fresh options from local places and finally decided to get a NutriBullet. It was an affordable option, under $100, and the majority of the reviews were really good. It turns out that we really like the NutriBullet because it takes up very little counter space and is VERY easy to clean. It’s also really good at blending, of course.

Here is the basic smoothie formula: greens (I prefer spinach), fruit, almond milk. We like to add flax seeds and fresh ginger too and I often add a bit of agave nectar for a little extra sweetness. We try to buy organic when possible and if we can afford it. I know some people may think EW to some of those things or may think they sound gross or weird but with all of the fruit the smoothies are actually really delicious. I was a little afraid of adding greens and flax at first thinking it would taste terrible but I simply wouldn’t have a smoothie every day if I didn’t like them.

Here are some things I’ve tried:

I commonly use strawberries and bananas for our fruit mix but you can really use anything you like. Blueberry, peach, pineapple, etc., I love them all. I have not used harder fruits like apples very much because my first smoothie with apple and chard was AWFUL but I will eventually get back to trying it again once berries and summer fruits are out of season. I didn’t really love swiss chard in my smoothie either but recently used a chard, kale, spinach mix and didn’t mind it in smaller amounts.

We started using almond milk to cut back on dairy. George and I were having cereal almost every morning as well as cheese, yogurt, etc. so we decided to cut back. At first, I really didn’t love it but I finally tried Pacific almond milk and really love it now. I buy this one, which I find to be just the right amount of smoothness and sweetness. To me, other brands tasted watery and bland. Pacific also makes and unsweetened version of the same exact thing. The NutriBullet recommends adding water to smoothies but I honestly thought they tasted TOO watery so we use half the amount in almond milk that they would suggest for water….I’ve added pomegranate and lemon juice to this too.

As for the other ingredients, I usually get the organic Whole Foods coarsely ground flax seeds. I’ve used Trader Joe’s roasted flax seeds in the past but they definitely add the flavor of roasted seeds to your smoothie, which is good but I prefer the WF kind. I also use Whole Foods organic agave nectar. Frozen fruits are awesome too but are more difficult to blend if you use all frozen. Now I like to have frozen fruits in the freezer as a backup for when we’re low on fresh. Plus, I freeze things that are getting close to going bad so they don’t go to waste.

Recently, I started using Rebel Green to wash our fruits and veggies especially for the times when we cannot buy organic. I love it and only wish I had found it sooner! You can also make your own veggie wash at home!

And of course for the times when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth I blend peanut butter, almond milk, banana, and flax seeds (frozen bananas are even better! if not, I add ice).

Now that I’ve gone on and on forever and given you my very beginners guide, what are your favorite healthy (or not) smoothies and juices?



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