fall wardrobe + what to wear with your o.mandalade bag

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when the season changes and I wonder: what the heck did I wear last fall? How did I survive the ice tundra that is our apartment with such few sweaters? Who knows, really.

Anyhow, fall is my favorite as I’m sure many would agree. I love to wear boots and scarves and drink warm drinks. So while I’m creating a never ending wish list of sweaters and scarves, I thought I’d share an outfit I’d wear on a casual day and how to include my large cross body bag with it!  I’d certainly pair some slim fitting jeans with those ankle boots as well but couldn’t find the perfect ones to include (I am wearing lots of black jeans these days).


<< one >> << two >> << three >> << four >> << five >>

You can find more of my wardrobe favorites on Pinterest. That’s right, I’m finally using my Pinterest. I used to really dislike it BUT I do like making collections of what you see here plus lots of textile inspirations too.

I have some good news coming up…possibly about the holidays and of course new things! So stay tuned.

xxx amanda


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