color inspiration: peach

Whew! It’s been a hot few days in NYC/Brooklyn. While I rarely want to wear extra clothing during the summer months I’m in love with these light scarves by Lee Coren. I especially love this peach one for this time of year. Coral was all the rage last year and I thought for sure I’d be tired of it. Now that I see it less often I actually remember that I love peach, so much that I use it in my own work.

Speaking of my work….yeah yeah, it’s coming. As always I have lots of stuff in the works. I was a little side tracked by my new job and also just really wanting to perfect certain aspects of the newer bags. No more peeks until it’s full on ready to be in my etsy shop, I promise. Thank you to those who have contacted me personally wanting to purchase bags! You’ve kept me motivated and wanting to make more.


color inspiration: yellow and artist eric porter

© 2013 Eric Porter 

It’s seldom that I am able to have the opportunity to look through photography prints these days. Often, I see only a few selected works by one artist in a gallery or museum. This is something I really do miss from both my college days and living with my former roommate Dustin Ream while he was at Tyler for his MFA. Luckily, I was able to view a few dozen of photographer Eric Porter‘s prints few weeks ago. There are so many that I loved but when choosing a piece for color inspiration I couldn’t help but pick this beauty.

Luckily, spring is finally starting to appear so all of this sunshine is a perfect reminder of how much I love golden mustard yellows. I love the marks and touches of purple and grays here. The tire marks become light and feathery and make me believe I’m looking at a painting for just a moment. Often, I feel bombarded by the amount of imagery I see in a day or month but I really love that photos like this make me stop and look more and explore every detail.

You can find more photographs by Eric Porter here. A big thank you to Eric for letting me share this image!

color inspiration: pastel green and blue and artist Liu Wei

On Thursday, George and I took a VERY long walk with some Hunter students to explore Chelsea. To be honest, I didn’t expect that we would be walking the 20+ blocks to get there and did not wear the proper shoes at all. We only saw a few shows before we were starving and I thought my feet were going to fall off. Luckily, this show caught our eye through the large windows of the Lehmann Maupin gallery and we stopped in to see Liu Wei‘s work.

The show has some amazing paintings as well as these gorgeous constructions all made from rehabbed wood. While I really admired the wood work and loved the paintings, I have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye was the pallet. The creamy whites, and pastel greens and blues are some of my favorite colors but given their origin they would be very difficult to re-create exactly.

I certainly recommend checking out this show. You can click the links above to read more about the gallery and artist.

Photos via Lehmann Maupin Gallery

color inspiration: gray

This great painting is by my friend Alex Grant. I absolutely love how it’s a little bit eerie and right now is the exact pallet of winter. This is the time of year where we’re all pretty much tired of winter and bundling up and are SO ready for even the tiniest bit of sunshine and warm weather. However, I think there’s something really beautiful and striking about these cool grays and blues.

*You can click on the image to go to her etsy page and buy the actual painting or a print.*