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So, as I promised in my food enthusiast holiday post here is a little more insight to some Christmas gift ideas. I cut my shopping a little short this year. Mostly, I was lucky enough to find amazing gifts at the Holiday Heap in Baltimore and the ColdHearted show that I was in last weekend in Philadelphia. I have a short list of people to buy for as well.

As many of you (I hope) already know George and I will be moving to New York very soon…VERY SOON (starting to freak out a little!). I’m sure that we will be living in a closet in Brooklyn because we have a very tiny budget. I often like to joke that we’ll be living in a tent under the Brooklyn Bridge. Anyhow, I can still dream of a nice apartment to put nice things in for now. These would all make great gifts for just about anyone though! Especially those who like gray a little too much.

As always, each image links to it’s actual location.

I bought these as a gift for my mom a few years ago and they smell AMAZING! She’s obsessed with candles and these made me want to actually have them in my home.


holiday hang over

As much as I’m glad the holidays have come and gone I have actually really started to love Christmas. Yes, I said it. I try to keep it a secret but I listen to Christmas songs on my way to and from work so I won’t subject George to them and I actually really enjoyed buying and giving gifts. This is partially because I don’t ever go to department stores and because I have a short list of people to buy for.

This is the second year in a row I’ve done the majority of my shopping at The Holiday Heap in Baltimore and on etsy. I think this has really made my holiday shopping more enjoyable for me and I really recommend it. Not only are you supporting an individual small business but you’re giving something that I think has a lot more meaning. I try to do this all year for birthdays and whenever I give gifts in general. My grandmother is really great at buying gifts far in advance for birthdays and always, always remembers to send cards. As I get a little older I’m trying my hardest to follow in her foot steps. She’s always made me feel special in this way and I hope to someday be as good at that as her.

Here are a few of the treasures I found this year that would be great for any occasion!

pottery gnome garden stake by tashamckelvey

tea towel by OpenEyePress

Speck&Keepings lady doll

phampersand press


Obviously, I could not reveal my sources until after Christmas because these were some of the gifts I gave. Enjoy! -aw