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If you have not yet read about my latest news there are lots of great things are happening in the o.mandalade corner of the world. For one, I finally have some new things in my shop. While I’ve been promising lots of prints many things have unfortunately been put on the back burner for now. New prints will absolutely be here in the new year! A few things may be exclusively sold at upcoming events…details on that to follow.

o.mandalade is in cupcakeMAG. I’m so lucky to share a studio space with Amy of Little Hip Squeaks and she chose one of my bags as her gift guide choices in cupcakeMAG. The entire gift guide is gorgeous and is sure to give you some great ideas on what to buy this holiday season. You can find the entire digital copy right here (find me on page 15!).

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be selling o.mandalade wares at THREE upcoming holiday events. If you’re interested in going but cannot attend I urge you to check out the event pages and vendor lists for each one. You’re guaranteed to find some great makers and things you love or the perfect gift that you’ve been searching for.

In order, here are the three shows I will be selling my wares at:

Thursday/Friday Dec. 5th & 6th The Holiday Fair at the Plymouth School // Brooklyn, NY
Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.39.37 AM

Sunday Dec. 8th Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar // Brooklyn, NY
This is a curated show with 30+ wonderful makers. I’m truly honored to be a part of this show (and all of these shows!) because it is the first ever, the space looks incredible and there will be some really great food and drink vendors. Also, fancy cocktails…enough said.

PLUS check out this article about my bags HERE

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.41.07 AM


Saturday Dec. 14th Holiday Heap // Baltimore, MD
I’ve been going to the Holiday Heap for several years and really look forward to it each year. There are so many great vendors that it’s hard not to find special gifts for everyone on your list. I’m thrilled to be a part of this year’s show. 


So in short, I am not sleeping until January. I hope to see you there. AND if you’re still reading….I am doing a discount in my etsy shop for CyberMonday. Use the code MANICMONDAY for 20% off until Midnight on Dec. 2! 

xo amanda


sneak peak…

Here’s a little peak of some current bags I’ve been making. You may have already seen a few on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They will soon (FINALLY) be available in my etsy shop!

If I don’t have to work at my regular job through the weekend I will attach straps to the rest of the bags and have them available early to mid week! If you have any questions or see something you’d like in a different pattern, just ask (omandalade@gmail.com). I can always make something different for you. For instance, the tote bag in yellow hoops does not have a zipper but I’ve gotten some requests and can make them special that way.

easter egg decorating

I’m scheming some ideas for the annual Daley/Schwab Easter egg decorating contest. Each year the whole family gets together the night before Easter to decorate together. I’ve only been participating for a few years now but this has been a long tradition and it’s a serious competition. There are some rules: no cracks in the egg, of course. Ok, well that’s the main rule. There is always an outside mystery judge that chooses a winner and runner-up in 3 categories: best use of color, best use of easter theme, and best overall egg. Last year I won best over all egg! I was stunned and actually pretty excited being that I’m a newbie.

There is a small chance I may not be able to make it because I’m starting a new job this week and don’t know my full training schedule. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to participate and more importantly get to spend some time with the family.

Here are the winning eggs from last year. Does you family have any holiday traditions for Easter?


Photo taken by Charlotte Daley

a new start


For us 2013 is more than just a new year. We moved to Brooklyn on December 30th like a bunch of crazy people. If you haven’t done it recently, moving is still a stressful thing. The holidays really just passed us by this year. I love the feeling of Christmas and the consequential baking, giving, and time with family. This year was so rushed that I never baked a thing and barely got my gifts wrapped in time. George and I both received many nice gifts and enjoyed the tiny bit of time with our families but we were completely consumed with wrapping up everything in Baltimore.

So, we are now in Brooklyn in our tiny apartment and things are still kind of a wreck. This move was challenging in so many ways. We arrived at our apartment to find that many repairs needed to be done. The ones that the management company told us would be done before move in, were not. While we were more than frustrated they were very responsive and quick to get things done…and are still working on the small issues that seem to keep arising.

On the bright side: while this apartment is less than half of the size of our big Baltimore apartment and needs a lot of work, it is pretty cozy (or will be) and I know eventually it will feel more like home. We’re getting there. Starting a year completely new has been nothing short of exciting and while I this past week and a half haven’t been the easiest it’s exciting to make such a big change.

Looking back on my 2012 goals I accomplished almost NONE of them. That was a huge disappointment to me but also a very big opportunity at the same time. After working hard toward the Cold Hearted show in December and making this move I know I can do much more than I have been and I’m so excited to start a new list of goals and knock down some old ones.

Just a few on the list:

  • design new fabric prints
  • expand o.mandalade beyond handbags/accessories
  • maintain my etsy shop and keep it stocked
  • go on new adventures

It took me a few tries to write this post because it may be the most personal I’ve written but I wanted to answer a lot of people’s questions about our move and how things are going so far.

Happy 2013. I hope that everyone else feels like this will be a big year for them and is as hopeful and exciting as I am. I’d love to hear what others have planned for this year so please feel free to leave comments or email me here: omandalade [at] gmail dot com.

*the photo above is some of my most recent work, look for new things like this in my etsy shop!

a mini giveaway


I’m so excited to have so many people interested in my tiny little corner of the world right now. I’ve gotten such great feedback and love. My heart is so full from all of the great comments people have been leaving me and I’m so happy to be working so hard on something creative that I love. This has been getting me really excited, and a little nervous, for the Coldhearted event at Philadelphia Sculpture Gym this weekend! You can find a great article from The Spirit about the show here.

Click here for details to the show this Friday and Saturday Dec. 7 & 8.

In lieu of all the buzz of o.mandalade I’d like to offer my 100th follower on facebook a free mini mini pouch like one of these. It’s super easy! All you have to do LIKE O.Mandalade on facebook!


❤ a

get ready!

I’m SO excited to announce that I will be a vendor at the Cold Hearted II art & craft event at The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym! Lately, I’ve been working extra hard to make extra bags and things for the show, which is in just a few short weeks. If you’re in Philadelphia please stop in to say hi and check out the other vendors too (who all look amazing).


For me, shows like these are the first place I go to do my holiday shopping. If you’re looking for something unique and handmade this is a great place to look AND you’ll be supporting small businesses and people.

If you have any questions about what will be available from o.mandalade or if you have any requests please email me asap omandalade[at]gmail.com…my custom request list is starting to get bigger and bigger!

As always, you can find my most recent updates on twitter and instagram.

coming soon….

I’m currently putting together some new designs and getting ready for a little holiday prep!

Recently, I printed some fabrics through Spoonflower.com on their basic cotton to make bags for my bridesmaids. I found just the right leather straps for the tote bags too. Unfortunately, with the rush and business of the wedding I did not take any studio shots of the bags but good things are coming.

So keep your eyes and ears out and be sure to look for sneak peaks on my Instagram or Twitter.

ALSO! I’m officially calling the shop O.MANDALADE. No more OrangeMandalade like I originally started with. A friend at work always calls me Oh Mandalade after seeing my work and I love it! Plus, orange is not my favorite color (I don’t mind it but almost all of the other colors are my favorite over orange).

❤ a

an official website!

Hello! and welcome to the official orange mandalade website and blog! I’m so excited to have a real web address and look forward to sharing lots of great things with you. I’d really like to thank my amazing boyfriend George for helping with the design of this blog. I host this site through WordPress.com, which offers great templates but I wanted to create something that was a compliment to my style and he helped me with all of the daunting web things that I’m convinced I will never completely learn. I’m such a lucky girl to have this kind of help by my side.

Last month I relaunched my etsy shop with new designs on fabric. So far all of my friends and family have had many kind and positive words and I’m SO very thankful for all of that love and support.  The idea of launching something new was to shift my focus from printing on paper to fabric, although I still love making paper prints and will do a little bit of it here and there. My work and shop are certainly not perfected but I am happier each week with the little bits of progress I make. Here’s a little bit of why I made this change in my work.

The inspiration for this change:

For a long time I now I have been in love with prints on fabric and textiles. If I could be thrown in to a job where I designed and was in any way involved with textiles I would be in heaven. I dabbled with the idea of printing some of my designs through online digital printing sources (and still may) but then began block printing my own designs. While I love this type of printing my drawings were more well suited for screen printing. I then took a screen printing class through The Baltimore Print Studios, set up a little area in my tiny studio and have been printing all of what you see in my shop (and more). So far I’ve been using two of my basic designs and look forward to introducing more in the next few months.

The bags:

I’m forever indebted to my good friend Kienda who asked me to make her a REALLY BIG purse. She saw one of my very first and the only one I had posted in my etsy shop that was very small and wanted a much bigger tote. Below are two bags I made for her to choose from (she picked the one with teal for anyone who is curious).

For me this sparked a great idea. What if I made bags?! I love handbags. I could have a million for every occasion and in every color. Why not combine two things I love?! I am very excited to be making handbags of all shapes and sizes and cannot wait to bring more styles in to the shop. Every time I begin a printing or sewing session I am flooded excitement and joy. Hopefully, someday I will be doing this full time…unless I’m designing fabrics or something very fancy.

I hope that those of you who have enjoyed what I’m doing will follow me here. Not only will I be posting my work and progress but many other craft world things and tidbits that I think others would enjoy (I promise my posts will not always be SO lengthy, btw).

As a special offer to my newest readers and my few loyal followers I’m offering a 15% discount in the entire shop through Memorial Day! Enter the code: BESTIES

❤ amanda