packaging & branding

I’m pretty plain when it comes to packaging and branding. I like to keep things simple but full of texture. When packing orders I typically use a brown paper and tie it with string. I like for people to feel like they’re opening a gift, because who doesn’t like to open gifts? Here are a few of my go to’s for strings lately.

o.mandaladeThe two purple strings I actually used to tie up little bags of favors for our wedding. I still have a lot left so I may be using them in some orders soon. I love the wooden spools. The large spool of natural speckled twine I use for almost everything. Both are from Olive Manna. The natural white and gold is a new twine I just started using from Knot & Bow. I love both of these shops and really have to resist buying bunches of packaging materials from them. The white thicker piece is a cotton twill that I hand stamp for labels, like below.


Lately, I’ve been stamping directly on the the bags….because I’m a crazy person. Actually, I love how it looks but I get a little scared each time that it will turn out awfully or smudge all over before I get to heat set it. I like that these can be sewn on though or used to attach hardware.

Once upon a time, I used to silkscreen. In Baltimore, I lived in a much bigger space where I could do this at home. While there are facilities in Brooklyn where I could rent space to print, that’s just not within my means at the moment. I will absolutely return to that in the future at some point. Both tags here are silkscreened and I like to add them to bags and use them for business cards at the moment. I also have a stash of these pins that I made from test prints. 

While all of these things may seem pretty neutral and boring, I love the textures of them all. In fact, the texture and feel, and prints of fabric are sort of an obsession. It was one of the reasons I began sewing and making my own designs. I love adding small details to each piece to make it feel handmade and personal. 



what’s in a name?

I wanted to do a quick post about my brand name and how it came to be (and to also do a short update because it’s been a while).

Almost 4 years ago now I began to have dreams about making handmade items that I could sell and make a full-time job. At that time I had no idea what I could even make but was eager to give myself a brand name.

One day while serving up coffee and pancakes at a brunch cafe in Philly, it came to me! Each day we had to spoon strawberry jam and orange marmalade in to small ramekins. As a child my grandmother loved having orange marmalade on her toast and that little task at work fondly reminded me of her. However, when I was a kid I thought orange marmalade was ground up goldfish!!!! Obviously, I refused to eat it then and didn’t try it until I was at that job and happened to love it (duh!).

Somehow, the name Orange Mandalade came to me. It in part used my name and this funny tidbit that still makes me smile when I think about it. Eventually, I decided to shorten the name to o.mandalade as I don’t have a fondness of the color orange, just the fruit and marmalade forms. I’ve thought a million times about changing the name for my now original designs and handmade bags but somehow it just sticks to me.