current favorite: my summer staples

In general, I’ve always disliked shorts. I don’t feel particularly comfortable in very short shorts and most are just too short for my liking or so long they make me look even shorter than I already am.summerstaplesFor a few years now the only shorts I’ve owned are ones that used to be my jeans and just got cut off when the heat came. They were usually on their way out and I knew this would not do them any more harm. Alas! I’ve found some shorts that I love! The Gap makes some wonderful Boyfriend Roll Up Khaki shorts. I find they’re just loose, and long, and even soft enough. Yes, I’m quite picky about these things I do realize. They also come in several colors, even better!

Sandals are also not high on the list of wardrobe items that are my favorite (I just don’t like my feet). BUT, when I tried on these Franco Sarto sandals I had to have them. The soles and leather straps are really soft, they’re not flat as a pancake, and they go well with both casual outfits and summer dresses. For me, I go through a period of time where most of my shoes need breaking in and hurt terribly. I try very hard to avoid this but my feet just do not like shoes. These sandals took NO breaking in. My only worry is that they’ll fall apart by the end of the summer. I’ve considered buying them in black as well so that I never have to part with them, but they aren’t that cheap for sandals we’ll see.

Oh, jewelry. There are so many pieces of jewelry that I’ve had my eye on lately. I’ve really taken to gold and have been looking for a perfect hoop or earring that I can wear everyday to match my favorite Zola necklace. I’ve had my eye on a lot of the earrings from Fail Jewelry. Anyhow, I wear this necklace with almost everything. My best friend and I bought these as “friendship nuggets” at the winter craft fair at The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. Gabrielle has a lot of new pieces that are fantastic too!

If you’re reading this and you have wardrobe staples that you can’t live without please share in the comments or always feel free to email me!

1. Gap Shorts
2. Franco Sarto Georgia sandals  (a few $$ cheaper here)
3. Zola bronze faceted gem necklace